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Heather Bell


Currently shooting with the Canon R6 and an array of lenses. Shooting landscape, wildlife and portraits.

Artist Statement

Capturing those special moments one image at a time! What does this really mean?

For me it means more than just snapping images or making the perfect posed image. It means capturing the image in its true raw form. Doing what that child, animal, tree, bird, sun, moon, whatever it is, does best. While I certainly know that those posed images are needed and I’m more than willing to take them and learn from them. There are also times when we need to let loose and be ourselves. A child will be a child! An animal will be an animal! My favorite images are ones where they are getting to be wild and free doing what they do best. To me this is what transports someone else back to a place they may never have been and may never get to go but that image is their imagination, their dream, their inspiration.

This goes to even time frames. While I may be able to capture that image on the first snap it could also be four hours later and a fluke moment. During that whole time I’m truly in another place. While I’m physically there and watching my photography takes me elsewhere mentally. I forget the time around me and what life has been throwing at me or what still needs to be done. I go into the moment and don’t want to leave. I want to bring others to this moment as well even if not physically but mentally.

I did not grow up around photographers, though from an early age I enjoyed taking photos. I personally purchased my own camera with my college graduation money. At that point I had chosen to go on with graduate school as my grandmother had fallen ill and my father had chosen to move to the lake all within a few months. I had previously lost my mother a few years before so was left responsible for my grandmother and her stuff. That stuff included my grandfather's photos, slides, negatives and even paintings. He had passed long before I was born and though my grandmother had wanted to clear out more health got her first. I still have these items and plan to capture those and other family members' images to preserve those memories. In my going through things I’ve learned lots about his dark room times and entering contests etc that I never knew but all from letters that were kept. Maybe it was this, maybe it was something else as I do not know exactly what made me want to capture the world around me. Thankfully I did as those images and videos I took with that camera and also the video camera I also got are some of the best times remembered spent with my father who is now gone and with other family.

While totally an amateur and snapping and filming for pleasure at that time I was less than a year after I moved to the lake myself and had a completely inspiring experience with the bald eagles who wintered there flying above the house for 30 plus minutes that made me want more. Two of those images from that day still hang in my home. While yes I have far better it what those mean. That night I not only ordered canvases I ordered the camera I had been considering and the 400mm lens. It took another four years and frustration with shooting and not always getting anything I wanted to decide it was time to learn what I was doing. I took my camera off of auto and never looked back. I’m now two cameras later and my husband uses the one I do not. He has even purchased a couple lenses for me and we fight over who gets to use some of them part of the time.

Every time we go out and I pick up my camera I’m learning something new and am transporting myself to the place where I can be myself. A place outside of the shell I put up to others, the place I’m truly the happiest! Even when I edit or work with an image I’ve taken. I get transported back to that time and remember everything going on around me and how I felt. These feelings are what I hope you find portrayed in the images you see.

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